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Blind Tasting "Red Wine" Tasting Kit

Blind tasting forces you to pay close attention, getting used to analyzing what is in the glass rather than what is in your head. These skills can then be applied to tasting more generally, and it has been our experience that the better we get at blind tasting, the better we get at tasting overall!
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$90.00 per Bottle
Inside the cover of our Wine Notebook you will find a pull out with step by step instructions on how to begin the tasting process as well as tips on how to identify grape varietals.
We are excited for you to begin this wine adventure.

Putting it together-At some point, you must come to a decision. Use the evidence you have gathered from tasting and your logical conclusion, you hazard an educated guess, roll the dice, and hope for the best. The most important element of this isn't getting it right, it's that your process was accurate; a combination of good tasting skills and good theoretical knowledge will mostly bring you to the right conclusion, or at least in the right style of wine! Then, reveal the wine.

Did you get it right? If so, why? If not, why? Blind tasting isn't a game of getting it right or wrong, it's a process of understanding why wine tastes the way that it does. If you got it right, fantastic! Go again. If you got it wrong? Figure out where you went wrong, then go again. The more you taste, the better you get.

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